Dr Belinda Renison

Bach OT (Hons), BSC(Hons), DPsych(ClinNeuro) Prior to establishing Integrated Rehabilitation Belinda worked at Osborn Sloan and Associates (OSA) for 16 years, providing community based occupational therapy and case management (since 1998), and neuropsychology (since 2010), services to people with an acquired brain injury. Belinda retains strong affiliations with Sue Sloan, the Director of OSA. Belinda has experience working with people whom have acquired their brain injury via a broad range of medical conditions including;

  • Traumatic brain injury (e.g. motor vehicle accident, falls, assault, sporting injuries)
  • Alcohol related brain injury / Substance abuse disorders
  • Hypoxic brain injury
  • Stroke
  • Neurological conditions (e.g. multiple sclerosis, tumour, epilepsy)
  • Degenerative conditions (e.g. dementia syndromes, Parkinson’s disease)

Belinda is passionate about supporting people with an acquired brain injury to adjust to life post brain injury and to regain as much independence as possible. She recognises the importance of working collaboratively with the client and their family, friends, carers and other therapists in order to maximise outcomes. Belinda supports people to learn strategies to compensate for their cognitive, behavioural and psychological difficulties and harnesses their individual strengths to enable them to engage in as many meaningful life roles and activities as possible. Her dual qualifications in Occupational Therapy and Neuropsychology fosters a comprehensive appreciation of how cognitive, behavioural and psychological strengths and weaknesses manifest in everyday life. Belinda’s has a strong interest in neuropsychological assessment, management of challenging behaviours, neuropsychological counselling, community integration, and in the rehabilitation of and compensation for cognitive difficulties as they manifest in everyday life. She also has a strong interest in creating innovative accommodation and support options for people and helping individuals with ABI manage their parenting role. Belinda has an extensive network of colleagues in the field of acquired brain injury. She highly values the importance of undertaking regular professional development and peer supervision.


  • the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia.
  • the Psychology Board of Australia and is endorsed in the area of clinical neuropsychology.


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Peta Ligdopoulos

Administrative Assistant
Peta provides administrative support to Integrated Rehabilitation.